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Workplace Health and Safety Advisors

Are you a small to medium company who has an established safety program in place? Can’t really afford a full time safety person?

Then consider reaching out to us at Vision RE. We provide workplace health and safety advisors. Vision RE gets it, sometimes small to medium workplaces don’t always need a full time workplace health and safety advisor. If your company has an established safety program in place, then it can easily be managed with a “part time” safety or “retainer” based safety. Vision RE will work with you to determine what essentials need to be done and how many hours per a week it will take to get done.

Plus when you hire Vision RE don’t just get 1 safety advisor, you get a whole team with different areas of expertise. We always assign a lead safety advisor to your company but we recognize that each workplace health and safety advisor has their areas of expertise. And if more expertise is required, your assigned workplace health and safety advisor can reach out to the team in order to get it. You as the client, kind of get the best of both worlds.

Seriously how easy is that?! Get in touch to get a base quote.

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