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Integrated Safety Management Systems

Your safety program must comply with your management system. If your workforce is struggling with the extra work created by your safety program, it may be that your safety program is not integrated with your management system.

We have had several clients ask us to help them transition their safe work practices into their Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). This is following a philosophy that there should be one standard way to perform work: Safely, with Quality, and Productively.

Our clients have found that a well structured SOP can be used as a foundation for consistent training across the company. This has helped our client’s ability to transfer people more efficiently to maintain client services in all divisions or locations. It can also be used to ensure a consistent quality of service.

Integrating into the management system is more effective to maintain ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 45001 or provincial Certificate of Recognition (COR) status. Typically, these audits can be more efficient as SOPs are used in training, production, worker competency, safety, client-communication of procedure, and even safety meeting reviews.

Get Lean and Get Consistent.

Find out more how we can help your organization integrate your systems.

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