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Integrated Management Systems

Safety Management Systems have often been dismissed as a failed key phrase or a fad.  Successful Safety Management Systems are integrated with your existing management systems.  Internationally recognized standards such as ISO and Lean allow for one Standard Operating Procedure.  There is one way to perform Standard work: safely, with standardized quality, in a productive manner, and in a sustainable process.

We can help you get systems and accountabilities in place, starting with mindset changes that permeate your whole company.

Continuous Improvement- Errors in the system aren't mistakes unless we don't learn from them.  We can help you change the way your workforce views errors.

Non Conformance Logs- Errors in the system (all systems) need to be evaluated for potential severity and appropriate follow-up. When the entire company is engaged into improving without blaming, you can systematically remove the barriers to a high level of success.  We can help you to identify your errors, embrace and quantify them, and help find a way for you to eliminate them.

Investigate Quickly, Remediate, and Continue Path Forward- Your organization already has the tools to investigate accidents, Use these tools to investigate your errors and your successes.  Yes, investigate your successes too in order to learn how to repeat them.  Moderate and high severity incidents do not take long to perform a root cause investigation (we target less than an hour). Complex incidents take longer but they can become rare. We can help you streamline your investigation processes so you learn from your system errors faster.   

REdefine your definition of success: 

Your entire system is defined by your checks and balances.

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