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Vision RE: Where We Are Coming From

So you want to know a little bit more, about Vision RE and where our experience comes from. Then check it out below. The most important thing is that Vision RE is a collection of professionals who recognized that what is currently out there isn’t working for businesses. Vision RE wants to make businesses relevant and sustainable. Not just in the now, but in the future.

Vision RE was formed by the senior management teams of two established Health & Safety and business management consulting firms: Safetech Consulting Group and Systemera. Both companies recognized that integrated performance management systems needed to be managed differently in order for organizations to become sustainable and ensure business continuity.

In order to do this successfully, both firms brought their expertise and experience together to shape the foundation on which Vision RE has already begun to grow. Along with our core teams, workplace health safety advisors and our collective network of professional workplace industry specialists we are able to create teams to meet the needs and scope of work to manage Health, Safety & Environment, Quality, Sustainability and Dynamic Business Continuity for any size of project.

Check out our beliefs’ in the about us section of our website.

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