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The common theme to any of our lines of service is human capital. The people in our lives help us all to accomplish great things. We at Vision RE believe we need to hire the whole person.  The people we hire are also:  a Father or Mother, a Sister or Brother, a Granddaughter or Grandson, a team mate, a best friend, a political supporter, a volunteer, an advocate, a believer.

We strive for excellence to provide the duties of a Workplace Health and Safety Advisor, and support you to integrate your management systems to perform well in all departments.

Our Mission

VisionRE is dedicated to helping our clients develop and implement their sustainable solutions to RE-imagine and protect their assets and human capital.

We Believe

We Believe in DIVERSITY: We are better together

We Believe in INCLUSIVITY: Value your employees? Prove it

We Believe in CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: Admit it, own it, fix it

We Believe in TEAM: This includes you, the client.  All on the same team

We Believe in AMAZING: Because good just isn't enough.  Don't be mediocre

We Believe in MISTAKES CAN BE GOOD: Learn how to succeed

We Believe in SUSTAINING HUMAN CAPITAL:  Your employees are your biggest investors. Invest in them

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We Don't Believe

We DON'T Believe in EXCUSES:  Don't waste our time

We DON'T Believe in BLAMING: It's just an excuse not to fix the problem

We DON'T Believe In MEDIOCRE:  No participation trophies

We DON'T Believe In LABOUR as DISPOSABLE:  Loyalty is a scarce resource

We DON'T Believe in PRETEND CULTURE:  Good Cultures only happen on purpose

We DON'T Believe in THEM VS US Mindset: There is no "them", there is only "us"

We DON'T Believe in FOSTERING FEAR: This is entry level leadership

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