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Safety on Retainer

One of our clients approached us to provide part time safety and keep one of their projects in the safe zone. Initially, the vision was to simply conduct a site inspection once a week.

We were quickly able to provide much more than that on a part time basis. Safety Committee development, JHA’s for tricky upcoming work, support with subcontractor compliance, and some interface with client relations, company-wide alerts, observation analysis, and etc.

Simply put, we were there anyway, we should address the whole of the safety scopes at your organization. Of course, these additional items were simply what this particular client currently needs, all on a retainer based safety. Staffing Safety in the field can be made very easy.

Where could your organization use a boost on a part time basis?

Incident Investigation and Analysis- do you really have time for this?

COR or ISO 45001 compliance- yes, we get it, how can we support?

Outside Perspective- we often help you see things, and can help soften barriers-to-success.

Find out more how retainer safety can help your organization meet its goals.

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