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Continuous Improvement Culture

Does your team instinctively run for shelter when something goes wrong? Do they line up their defense before the investigation begins?

What if your team was actually looking for errors in the systems? Do you think they would find them? What if your team’s success was partially defined by how many errors they were able to correct and avoid? What if your team was able to double its effectiveness...and then do it again? That’s how teams achieve great successes, they constantly get better.

Before we change anyone’s systems, we need to make sure the culture is already in place to receive it, not to reject it. By “receive” we mean “ready to improve the new system put in place.” Culture shifts are crucial to organizing the team into common goals, targets and definitions of success.

Incident investigation tools are mostly wasted on post-incident scenarios, rather than on constant improvements to help the overall positive results of the team. Underperforming cultures will try to keep these tools for the occasional post-incident use.

Check out how we can help you to change your culture to seek out the positive changes needed to thrive in any department of the company. Once you have a continuous improvement culture, you will realize it needs to spread to the entire organization. Oh, and if someone tells you it will take a year or more to change your culture, don’t waste your time. We target a few weeks to change a culture.

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