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Fixing Things For Real

Okay, we have seen too many times, when a company just puts a “band-aid” on the problem that they are trying to fix. Or they slap on a “band-aid” to meet a client’s expectation of how the problem should be dealt with.

Vision RE, as a business management consulting firm, can increase performance of your integrated management systems. Vision RE takes the safety concept of a quick root cause and applies it to all integrated management systems.

In order to start integrating your management systems. Your company needs to adopt a continuous improvement culture. This means that the company looks at all “problems” as a learning opportunity.

And I use the word problem loosely as Vision RE believes in not just looking at the traditional incidents that would need a quick root cause (most of these are related to safety). But adopting a non conformance type of cataloging. Hired the wrong person, non-conformance. Accounts Payable struggling with getting invoices out on time, non-conformance. As you can see we are no longer looking at using quick root causes for just safety items. We have just reached into the realm of HR and Accounting.

Managed to land a really big client, quick root cause to see what you did differently for this client You will be surprised by what quick root causes will bring to light.

And when I mean quick root cause, I mean a quick root cause. Vision RE’s longest quick root cause is about 40 minutes and our shortest has been 10 minutes. Because, who has time to do 2 day quick root causes. Now if something major takes place, fatality, severe injury, or a high risk near miss then we would recommend using a different approach. Some things need a bigger investigation. But for most little mishaps you can easily do a quick root cause and find the ways to fix it for real and not just slap a bandaid on the problem.

If you are still reading and want to learn more, then reach out to us and we will help you out.

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