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PPE Sanitization

Seacan Units- We need to reduce the disposable ppe waste stream and increase the sustainable use of reusable PPE in the health care industry. Our self contained units are designed to be mobile and fully functional with a 200 amp connection.

Cultural Issues- Because of the culture toward disposable PPE in healthcare, there has been little in place for most facilities to have functional programs or infrastructure to use significant amounts of reusable PPE where appropriate.  We can help you provide the infrastructure and the systems to make a quick transition to reusable PPE.

Transition to permanent long-term solutions- Keep The Seacan Unit in place, or transition it's essential equipment to in-building location. We can continue to staff this service and distribution, or we can help training your existing staff in coordination with manufacturer recommendations.

Continued Staffing and Support-  We can help keep your staffing needs in place.  We can staff trained and qualified technicians short term or long term to meet your needs.

REevaluate your supply chain risks:

Sustainability and product diversity will stabilize future supply chain pressure.

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