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Dedicated to helping you protect human capital and assets

Sustainability for your human capital, environment, and assets

Improving Your Systems

Part time

Part Time Budget
Big Time Results

  • Access to our team of Senior Safety Consultants

  • A variety of expertise within our team

  • 1 day/week to help maintain your health and safety management system

  • Additional on demand services 

Our Economy has forced many of us to size down our staffing while increasing the demands to improve and grow.  We can help staff your needs in a way that you can do both.

Safety's Role in

  • Do you have a plan to transition back to your physical office?

  • Do you have a plan to maintain a hybrid physical/virtual workspace?

  • Do you have a plan to re-balance mental health and stabilize your workforce to minimize turnover?

  • Do you need support dealing with all the organizations after a pandemic emergency?

Out work environments after Covid-19 have been challenging to all of us. Vision RE recognizes that budgets have been stretched but we are here to help. We have helped our clients develop and implement their plans to support their business continuity needs.

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Part time
Health and Safety Consulting
and Staffing
Safety's Role
Business Continuity
Integrated Management Systems 


Vision RE understands the need for sustainability in our modern world.  A recent addition to sustainability is the element of human capital.  The ability to promote, retain, protect, and re-imagine your human capital may be the most important initiative your organization will undertake in the next 5 years.

As leaders in the community and corporations, we believe in creating, re-inventing, and sustaining a thriving existence for the people around us. We believe in diversity with inclusivity, change with stability, corporate growth with direction,  personnel growth with opportunity, success with error-learnings.

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Our Ideal Client

Our ideal clients: 

  • are constantly wanting and willing to learn and Grow. 

  • recognize that mistakes are part of the learning process. 

  • take anything that is not working, find a way to improve it so that they can reach maximum potential. 

  • try to find ways to make everything more effective, efficient and lean

Our ideal clients recognize:

  • business continuity is a priority in today’s world. 

  • businesses are built on a foundation of human sustainability

  • employees are not assets but their best investors. 

  • the potential in fixing things for real and not just sticking a bandaid on the problem. 

  • corrective coaching as necessary in order to work with their employees to reach their full potential. 

Our ideal clients want to be number 1 in their industry. They don’t just want to be better than their competitors, they want to blow their competition away. They want to be leading the pack for innovation, efficiency and effectiveness. 


Is this you?

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